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What do we do?

UNEmadera represents the entire chain of wood processing and furniture industries through different sectorial or territorial associations. Their activity and products are:

Activity and Products:

  • Forest exploitation:
    short and logging. Pursue the multiple use of forests.
  • Biomass:
    use and utilization of by-products and forest residues for energy purposes.
  • Sawn timber:
    first processing industry dedicated to sawing logs, drying and / or treatment of wood. Generates semi-finished products such as boards, planks, beams, etc.
  • Technical Wood:
    Wood based panel industries both as plywood or particle and fiber boards, key elements of the furniture sector and some uses in construction.
  • Structural timber:
    wood versatile solutions in various uses such as bridges, gateways, warehouses, sports centers, housing, housing refurbishment, etc.
  • Manufacture of carpentry and home construction:
    companies dedicated to provide the final products made with wood for general consumption.
  • Packaging:
    industry producing packaging and pallets, containers for fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, and boxes for wine, oil and liqueur, industrial packaging, etc.
  • Furniture:
    sector comprising all furniture made from wood dedicated to kitchen, bathroom, home, office, etc.
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